Relationships In The Context Of Wealth

At JSRC Group of Stamford and Westport, CT, we are in a unique position to use our combined business and therapy experience to help clients understand relationships in the context of wealth and family business. Our team has over 25 years experience from business school, extensive training in Marriage & Family Therapy, running family businesses, as business consultants, and as entrepreneurs.

As relationship consultants, our team works to understand how wealth can impact family relationships, and our role is to educate on the specific conversations that can be hard to navigate, improve communication and provide tools to strengthen relationships. Our team finds that, whether a family is dealing with estate planning, educating younger generations or navigating family business roles and transitions, addressing the important issues or helping to resolve conflict becomes even more complicated. Our team works with families and their advisors to create a strong foundation moving forward.

Our Offerings

At JSRC Group, we work with families, small businesses, family businesses, management teams, executives and even on-site at corporations in Connecticut and New York. We tailor our approach, the goals and deliverables to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring a safe, informed and confidential environment throughout the process of wealth therapy.

  • Conflict resolution
  • Improved communication skills
  • Education on financial responsibility
  • Work with families, couples and advisors around wealth and career planning
  • Definition of roles around family business
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial counseling
  • Transition and succession planning
  • Expansion and exit strategy support
  • Leadership development and executive coaching
  • Onsite workshops
  • Onsite therapy at corporate and small business offices
  • Tele-health therapy for employees

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