Relationships exist in every part of our lives.

Move beyond just existing.

At JSRC group, our partners are trained as Marriage and Family Therapists and, as relationship consultants, we explore the issues that currently exist in your life and how they are impacted by your important relationships.


Whether you are an individual, couple or a family, therapy is a valuable tool that can help you to solve problems, set and achieve goals, improve your communication skills or teach new ways to track emotions and keep stress levels in check.

Family Services

Family Services at JSRC provides support to families in times of stress or transition. We work with clients to set and meet goals with a more collaborative mindset, working to make untalkable issues more talkable in a safe environment.

College Journey

In our current environment, the journey to launching teens to college has become even more challenging. At JSRC, we are in a unique position to use our combined parenting and therapy expertise to help clients navigate these times both in person and via tele-therapy.c

Divorce Services

Our team works to keep the interests and emotional well-being of kids and families intact throughout the divorce process. Divorce presents additional stressors and requires collaboration and structure to better manage the process.

Business Services

Businesses have specific needs in relation to family and team dynamics, and we work to tailor programs that improve relationships, enhance communication and resolve conflict.

Fertility Support

The fertility journey can be confusing and challenging. Our team is well-versed in the fertility process and the specific support that is needed.

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