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It’s Called a “Fertility Journey” for a Reason

When the road to building a family has its emotional turns, we help you navigate them


Even the Healthiest Relationships
Have Challenges

Our consultants can help you manage emotions, reduce stress, and communicate more effectively.


At JSRC group of Stamford and Westport, CT, our partners are trained as Marriage and Family Therapists and, as relationship consultants, we explore the issues that currently exist in your life and how they are impacted by your important relationships.

Fertility Support

At JSRC Fertility of Stamford and Westport, CT, our therapists bring over 20 years of personal and professional experience in understanding modern family building techniques. Our services are designed specifically to support clients, agencies and clinics in attending to the emotional side of the journey. Our teams offer 1-on-1 sessions, as well as psychosocial screenings, conflict resolution and guidance.


Our team works with couples in order to strengthen relationships and navigate challenges. We support couples through life transitions, such as having a baby or launching college kids. We are experienced in conflict resolution, even throughout divorce, with a focus on collaboration and coparenting. In addition, we work with couples in the context of wealth, discussing its effects on relationships.


Whether you are an individual, couple or family, therapy is a valuable tool that can help you to solve problems, set and achieve goals, improve your communication skills or teach new ways to track emotions and keep stress levels in check. We work with clients to set specific goals and learn tools to move forward with a stronger foundation.


At JSRC, we provide support to families in times of stress, transition and generally navigating relationships. We work with clients to create a more collaborative mindset, working to address challenging issues in a safe environment. As family therapists, we are always focused on the problems that exist in the context of the family as a whole and work to create long-lasting change.

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