At JSRC Group of Stamford and Westport, CT, our team understands that we all find ourselves stuck at times navigating everyday challenges or when faced with new stressors or in times of transition. JSRC provides a warm, safe, confidential environment for you to set and clarify goals, learning new tools to manage your life and relationships with the support of our experienced therapists. Our partners are relationship consultants, with a focus on how the issues clients are facing are related to relationships. We set specific goals with each of our clients and work with them to provide tools to move forward with strength.


Our team is well-versed in working with couples to manage stress and conflict and provides couples counseling in Fairfield County, CT. Whether dealing with life transitions such as having a baby or teens leaving for college or stresses due to financial hardship or career, we understand the challenges the relationships face. Our therapists support couples to make untalkable issues more comfortable to move beyond resentments and toward improved relationships.


Every family faces unique challenges, especially given today’s fast paced environment. We believe that these times are opportunities for us to support families, providing tools to assist family members so that they can collaborate and learn to navigate more readily. Our team at JSRC works with clients to set specific goals, so that each family can move through the therapy process to create a stronger family environment.


We understand that parenting requires strength and direction throughout different phases in the lives of children and teens. As parents ourselves, we understand the changes that come with new parenting, parenting through adolescence and launching to college. We work with families to allow for more effective parenting and foster stronger parent/child relationships.

Relationship Issues

There are many reasons clients find themselves in therapy in the context of relationships. Whether struggling with commitment issues or coping with a breakup or divorce, we are trained to identify patterns in relationships and provide the tools to shift dynamics. Our team provides marriage and couples counseling in CT to assist clients in prioritizing their mental health during each stage of a relationship.

Life Transitions

Life transitions are the most common times that people seek therapy. Whether moving toward engagement or marriage, leaving for college, having children, raising kids or moving toward retirement, individuals find themselves in new roles and facing new challenges. Our team is well-versed in all of these life stages and can set specific goals based on clients’ internal resources and strengths.

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