Every family faces unique challenges, especially given today’s fast paced environment. We believe that these times are opportunities for us to support families, providing tools to assist family members so that they can collaborate and learn to navigate more readily. Our team at JSRC Group in Stamford and Westport, CT works with clients to set specific goals, so that each family can move through the therapy process and exit with a stronger family environment.


Research shows, with divorce, the most important element to children’s well being is their parents’ ability to coparent cohesively and effectively. Our team has experience working with both acrimonious and collaborative ex-partners. Without falling prey to old marital resentments, our therapists provide structure to address current issues.

Collaborative Divorce

Our team provides services to assist spouses in a collaborative divorce process. This support helps prepare the couple to parent successfully post-divorce, manage emotions and improve the success of the negotiations. We find that couples who engage in collaborative divorce create a solid foundation for effective parenting moving forward.

Blended Families

Our therapists see couples, children or the whole family as needed to facilitate the coming together with new roles and responsibilities. Providing a sound foundation for a blended family helps support the relationships and changes as families transition. Our team has training as well as personal experience understanding blended family and stepparent issues.

Conflict Management/Parenting Coordination

High conflict divorce can strain relationships to the point that the environment affects the children and ability to negotiate overall terms. Our team works with families to resolve conflict at points when things cannot be negotiated. We provide a neutral third party perspective to assist clients and their attorneys to reach an agreement more effectively and collaboratively.

Prenuptial/Postnuptial Counseling

Entering into a relationship with different perspectives about money, an imbalance of finances or the desire to protect both partners’ interests can prompt couples to desire a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Supporting an open and honest dialogue with couples and their counsel allows clients to create a solid foundation and protect their collaborative relationship goals.

Wealth Management Counseling

Our therapists understand the specific issues that can arise when managing high net worth across multiple generations. We support our clients in facilitating discussions about wealth and talking about the important issues that affect relationships.

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