Our partners are trained as Marriage and Family Therapists in Westport and Stamford, CT, and we explore the issues that currently exist in your life and how they are impacted by your important relationships. As relationship consultants, we offer opportunities to build on individual strengths and support the relationships in your life. We recognize most people find themselves in therapy at points of transition or unanticipated stressful life events. We pride ourselves on being able to identify one’s strengths and resilience to set goals. We work collaboratively with our clients to provide tools that will allow for new solutions. We provide a safe space for clients to open up and speak honestly throughout the process to ensure we are always working toward client goals. Our priority is to support your relationships whether at home or at work, and find positive lasting change.

Our Offerings

  • Onsite therapy in our offices in Stamford and Westport, CT
  • Tele-health therapy utilizing HIPAA Compliant platforms
  • Workshops and retreats to focus on relationship dynamics, including family, couple and work relationships
  • Multi session packages for couples, families and businesses
  • Workshops and therapy for employees of corporate and small business offices
  • Tele-health therapy for employees
  • Post COVID-19 – reacclimate to the workplace

Our Team


  • M.A.; Marriage and Family Therapy, Fairfield University
  • B.A., Southern CT State University


  • Resolve
  • Menhavingbabies.org
  • American Society of Reproductive Medicine
  • ASRM Mental Health Professional Group
  • SEEDS – Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Samantha Lavy


Making the decision to see a therapist can be difficult. As a relationship therapist, Samantha dedicates herself to her clients with complete transparency and authenticity. She works with clients to find their inner strengths and resources to overcome the obstacles that may be keeping them ‘stuck’. Samantha works with clients to ‘zoom out’ and see the big picture: how the relationships in their life, including friends, intimate partners, family members and colleagues, impact the relationships they have with themself.

Samantha spent the first half of her career working in healthcare, including 19 years in the field of reproductive medicine. Working directly with infertile couples and LGBT growing families, she engaged with numerous fertility programs, surrogacy and egg donor agencies throughout the tri-state and worked with clients from all over the world. The decision to pursue a career in Marriage and Family Therapy made sense, as the guidance of a relationship therapist is an essential component of the process of fertility struggles.

As a daughter, wife, mother and stepmother, Samantha understands the unique and special roles we play in people’s lives. She has a passion for helping clients through strengthening relationships and navigating significant life changes to support happier, more connected lives.