The emotional impact of pursuing surrogacy or fertility treatments to start or grow a family is often overlooked.

But we’ve created an approach to supporting individuals and couples through this particularly challenging terrain. It addresses those emotional impacts and provides individuals and couples with tools to overcome them . We call it journey support, and we think it’s essential for anyone seeking to start a family through surrogacy or fertility treatments.

Journey support knows the process is more than a single choice.

“We want to start a family.”

For many, this is the decision, the choice that kickstarts a well-established series of events familiar to them and their surrounding support system.

But for individuals and couples choosing surrogacy or fertility treatments, this decision is just the beginning. It’s the start of a less-understood and highly complex process in which individuals and couples are committing to a series of choices and relationships that will impact their lives long past the birth of their child.

Journey support recognizes this difference. It provides couples and individuals the foundation needed to handle the pressures of this complicated process. And it gives them the space to process how each step will impact their future.

Journey support knows it’s all about relationships.

Choosing surrogacy or fertility treatments can be an overwhelming process in many ways. Couples and individuals seeking these routes to building a family can get bogged down in learning terminology, understanding complex medical processes, and navigating the myriad of financial and legal obligations necessary to complete the process.

These pressures can exert considerable stress on relationships.

Healthy, thriving relationships are the most important factor for success in this process. Journey support focuses on providing couples and individuals the tools to acknowledge, process and survive these relationship stressors. And journey support teaches couples and individuals the necessary skills to engage more deeply with their intimate support circles and those involved in their reproductive journey.

Journey support embraces everyone in the process.

Couples and individuals seeking surrogacy or fertility treatments aren’t alone in their journey towards a family.

Surrogates, egg donors, and other professionals are integral to the process. Family members and friends play important roles along the way. It take a village to bring any child into the world, but for those choosing surrogacy or fertility treatments, that village is broader and more complex.

Journey support recognizes that breadth and complexity and it works to ensure that each member of the village is navigating the process successfully. Journey support focuses on building healthy, thriving relationships with everyone involved.

What does JSRC Group’s journey support look like?

We can support you with a plan that’s as simple as once-a-month Zoom check-ins, or it can be more frequent. Our plan can combine online and in-person discussions. It’s okay if you’re not sure what you need; contact us and we can figure that out together.

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